1st session of To,Talk!

set_.point, a developers group in Merida, Venezuela had their 1rst session of To,Talk, a meetup where different speakers talk about new and exciting stacks.


Some background on set_.point

set_.point ( Sociedad de Excelencia Tecnologica de Merida, Venezuela) Society of Technological Excellence, is a group of developers where we meet and share our experiences and knowledge on different fields.


It's a place where rookies and seasoned developers come together in one place to teach each other, do networking and most important have fun .


It's an event created by set_.point where in a more formal way we meet and members of the community share their knowledge, talk about cool projects made with awesome stacks and help others to jump start their ideas.


I'm proud to say that with an amazing success we had our 1rst session, we had a bigger crow than we expected and it was fun to be part of the organizer team. We had our session at The University of the Andes (ULA Universidad de los Andes) at the faculty of Economics (big thanks to them for supporting this initiative).

During this session there were talks about Native vs Hybrid mobile applications, Learning how to be a developer, Latest trends on UX design, How the internet come into our homes and 5 advantages of using JAMStack, all packed with experiences and great tips for the audience.

My talk was about JAMStack, it was really fun to show others the benefits of implementing this philosophy, advantages and tools to use as well as the use of microservices.


The community is growing, there're a lot of young people taking their first steps in the amazing and fast evolving world as developers, designers, devops, you name it, so I'm really excited about continuing my work and teach others how to take advantage of the latest technologies, move their monolithics apps to a more polyglot environment and just have fun using microservices.

Let's wrap it up

As the community grows we will be creating more events like this, some specialized in Docker, Serverless, Go, Javascript, Gatsbyjs and help newcomers and senior devs as well to leverage their knowledge and create amazing stuff while eating pizza and having fun among friends.

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