UPDATED to Gatsbyjs v.2

Learn to create amazing websites using the power of Gatsby by building 3 projects.

We will start each project from the ground up, no starter templates, this way you will learn the ins and outs of Gatsby.

You will learn the fundamentals and best practices for building Gatsby based websites

Learn to create e-commerce websites, add authentication and more.

write modern apps and bring data from anywhere.

Phanor Coll

Phanor Coll

With more tha 20 years as a developer, I've come to work with great companies on demanding projects. For the past 5 years I've been working with Reactjs helping awesome startups build their apps, currently working on 4 Gatsbyjs based projects with different complexity levels. With my experience, I will guide you on how to get the same results, create from simple websites to complex apps integrating microservices, fetching data from multiple sources, work with plugins and help you embrace the JAMStack philosophy.

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topics covered
  • - Installing gatsby-cli
  • - Creating the base structure for your blog
  • - Configuring sass
  • - SEO compatible
  • - Adding third party headless cms
  • - Fetching data from multiple providers
  • - Working with payments
  • - Shopping cart & authentication
  • - Working with multiple layouts/templates
  • - Docker setup
  • - Image optimization
  • - Leverage Gatsbyjs with webtaskio and Auth0
  • - Configure Serverless framework
.... and much more

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