about me_

My name is Phanor Coll, coffeePhanor Coll drinking code writer from Merida, Venezuela. I've been writting code since I was very young, but professionally for the last 21 years.
I push myself everyday to learn something new, to get better at what I know and to apply best practices into my work.
My adventures have taken me into the world of  Javaphpgo(golang)ReactjsNeo4jDgraph. First working as a backend developer, I rapidly moved into the Frontend side of things. For the last 3+ years I've been improving myself as a Fullstack developer with the following stack: go(golang)Reactjs(redux, thunk)Neo4jDgraphDocker.
I'm an outgoing person who loves to think outside the box, reading is my main hobby besides playing the guitar, and learning new technologies is my daily dose of adrenaline! just having fun writting some code to test some crazy idea.
Love to work on Linux, so naturally I live in the console, always trying to automate my daily tasks by creating some go(golang) script. My fav linux flavour is fedora, but currently I'm trying out elementaryOs
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main stack_

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    reactjs native
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github repos_

checkoutPhanor Collmy lab to see my latest projects, both personal and work.